Saturday, August 20, 2011

Live bat removal in Newton Massachusetts

This is a live bat removal in Newton Massachusetts. This is a juvenile male small brown bat. (Very typical this time of year)
This bat appeared in their living space, flew around for a few minutes, and then disappeared.
The customer could not locate it, so they called us, Precision Wildlife Services, to see if we could help. The customer was confident they had that bat confined to one room. When I showed up at the house I was not too sure if I could locate the bat. It was mid morning and bats normally sleep during day light hours. After the customer showed me to the room that the bat was in, I was even less confident I would locate the bat. The room was a spare room and it was a little cluttered.
After roughly 3 minutes, I got lucky! While rummaging through the clutter I located the bat between a pair of snow boots. The bat was removed and released outside of the customers house. Upon further inspection of the attic space, I located evidence of a colony. After discussing my findings with the customer, they were eager to evict these bats A.S.A.P.!  A few days later the exclusion was performed on the house and the bats were gone within 3 days.

Catch ya soon! Casey ◦

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