Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall in New England

It is official. Fall has set in and the nights are getting colder in New England. Though the leaves are beautiful to look at, not always fun to clean up! Let us help. Our licensed and trained technicians offer gutter cleaning throughout our service area. For those hard to reach areas, clogged gutters or damaged hardware we can help. Protecting your home is so important, we are here to help anyway we can. 


Contact us today, we would be happy to coordinate an estimate for you or answer any questions you may have!
Call:  877-797-1278
Email: Info@PrecisionWildlife.Com

Schedule a gutter cleaning today:


Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday ~ August 23, 2013

Precision Wildlife is having technical difficulties...We wanted to let anyone trying to contact us today we are having an issue with the phone system & receiving calls!
We hope to have them up and running as soon as possible!

If you have an issue that needs immediate assistance please feel free to contact us via email us: 
 Ed  508.802.7672 

We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to fix this as soon as possible!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Raccoons are preparing...

It’s a wild world!

As we all look forward to longer days and warmer weather, it is important that we also keep an eye on our homes for uninvited guests! This is a great time of year for raccoons & squirrels, as they prepare to bring their new little bundles into the world. Unfortunately, some will choose our homes to get comfortable in!
At Precision Wildlife we are already receiving calls for attic noises and squeaking in the walls. The babies have arrived!  Just the other day company owner, Ed Gannon, was inside a customer’s home after they reported hearing noises in the ceiling. Upon inspection Ed found 5 babies hanging out all warm and snug.  As he was removing them from the ceiling and determining the best way to catch mom – he got his answer.  There she was in all her maternal glory staring Ed down from outside the living room window!  With years of experience and some quick thinking Ed was able to reunite the family - outside the home where they belong.
Raccoons are very resourceful and will enter a home by any means possible. They will search your property for any openings and make their way inside if it will mean a warm spot for their offspring.  Even a chimney cap, if loose or not properly installed, can be no match for these great climbers with their strong, quick hands.  The best means of protection for your home is to have a thorough inspection of the property done by trained professionals. 
Precision Wildlife will come inspect your home, inside and out, for signs of current activity or to locate any areas which could cause future issues. We offer trapping plans, attic clean outs and restorations as well as the ability to order and properly install a chimney cap on your home.

Don’t let these furry little guys make your attic their new home – Call us today!  877-797-1279




Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of Spring!

Hello Spring!
 A few little facts.
1. Animals will begin coming out of hibernation. We are not the only ones who enjoy the warmer & longer days! Squirrels become more active and raccoons begin roaming around more at night. Almost all animals will become more noticeable now moving into the Spring!
2. Squirrels, raccoons, skunks and others are all preparing for the arrival of their young. Not only will you be noticing the adults their babies will soon join them. They maybe trying to find a place to settle in if they haven't already.
3. April showers bring May flowers! Not only that but risk of overflow in your gutters. Be sure you have had them looked at. They should be cleaned and working properly. Water damage can be detrimental to protecting your home!
Precision Wildlife offers free estimates!
If you are hearing noises or concerned about wildlife contact us today before the arrival of their young! We also offer annual/bi-annual gutter services as well. If it is gutter cleaning you need or hardware replaced, we can help!
Contact us today @ 877.797.1278


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Osterville seagull removal

 Precision Wildlife received a call Monday from our customer in Osterville MA. They feared there was a squirrel stuck in the chimney, they had been hearing some noises and needed our help! The technician was dispatched and on site the same day. To our surprise we got there ready for a typical removal and found something slightly different then what was thought to be a squirrel. A seagull was stuck in their chimney, not just a random seagull. This was a seagull the customers were familiar with and had been feeding for months now "Baby". We were able to remove Baby safely from the customers chimney and follow our customer to Cape Cod Wildlife Center where he would be checked out and treated for any possible injuries. Also sealing the customers chimney to prevent any other mishaps or unwanted visitors! Our customer was nice enough to send a thank-you and some great pictures of the rescue.

"Thank you very much for rescuing the seagull (that John & I call "Baby"), from our dining room fireplace this afternoon. We have been feeding this young gull and it's mother, for several months, as they show up on our deck every day. Apparently, "Baby", who sometimes will perch on our roof, fell into the chimney. We found you through the Internet last night and left a message and appreciated your prompt response to our call."
"You went above and beyond our expectations and it was very much appreciated."
Jeanne & John - Osterville, MA

Baby is being treated at Cape Cod Wildlife Center with antibiotics and fluids. They expect to keep him for several days then he will then be released right back where he came from on Osterville! 

Precision Wildlife specializes in wildlife removal, prevention, commerical & residential. You may not have any issues now or even hear noises but if you have any questions regarding prevention contact us today!
Servicing New England


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter months

With winter in full swing most animals have settled in and made themselves comfortable, some in the trees and ground holes but others have chosen homes and businesses to keep them warm. In New England squirrels and raccoons are finding comfortable spaces for the arrival of their young in the next month and birds are looking for new nesting locations after this winter storm destroyed theirs.   

One of our most common calls...                                                    "I have something in my chimney"   
Don’t let this happen to you. This issue is something that is so easily prevented! We can provide you with
preventive services & chimney cap installation, to protect your home.

Eliminate the possibility of critters and debris getting into your chimney. Our chimney caps come with a written lifetime warranty and do not inhibit the flow of your chimney in any way.

  Chimney caps can prevent small animals and birds from entering the chimney but they can also prevent rain water from penetrating into the chimney and eating away at the mortar and bricks, sometimes leading to musty smells within the home.  


If you don't have wildlife let us help you keep it that way!
Go outside take a look, do you have a chimney cap?
Something you likely haven't thought about before.
Every chimney should have a cap not solely do to critter invasions but improper drafting, water entry and debris build up can also be prevented with a cap install.
We office 24 Hr emergency removal
Preventative repairs, chimney cap installation, trapping, removal & more.




Thursday, February 7, 2013

Precision Snow Management

New England is expected to receive some serious snow tomorrow afternoon into the upcoming weekend!  
Precision Snow Management will be plowing local commercial lots throughout the storm.
If you find you or someone you know needs some help with a parking lot or driveway contact us for a quote & availibilty!! 
We will do our best to respond for you.

Ed @ 508.802.7672
Matt @ 508.510.0193
Service Areas
East Bridgewater
West Bridgewater


Winter weather in New England

By now you have all heard about the storm expected tomorrow into the weekend!
New England is bracing for a large amount of snow & strong winds.
We hope everyone is home safely, warm and able to keep there power on!
Precision Wildlife is planning to close early;
Friday February 8th by 12:00pm to allow our office and staff to get home safely.  
If you have any issues or questions please leave a message and we will return calls as soon as possible.
For an emergency situation contact 877.797.1278 and leave a message in the emergency mailbox.
We will do our best to help you and respond if possible.
Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Congratulations Jane!!

We want to Congratulate our newest problem animal control agent, Jane Parker!
With her past experience and love of animals she is a perfect fit here at Precision Wildlife. 
Jane has been studying hard, recently took her trapping license course & passed! 
Jane is now officially a licensed trapper as well as a Problem Animal Control Agent in state of Mass!
Way to go Jane! Congratulations!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Precision Wildlife Services

Servicing New England


Precision Wildlife received a Certificate of Achievement for 7 years of commitment!

We wanted to thank all of our customers for choosing us as there wildlife company, we look forward to continued growth in 2013!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!!

We hope everyone was able to bring in the New Year with family & friends!

Be safe, enjoy your New Years Day!!




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