Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Easter Egg Hunt Mystery.

Easter for most is such an enjoyable time of the year. As adults it means that spring is right around the corner, days are longer, and we're more than likely not going to see any more significant snow in the New England area (Red Sox opening day is soon). We also gather with family and friends to enjoy each others company and nice a holiday meal. As a child the anticipation of The Easter Bunny's arrival fills them with excitement while they wonder what kinds of treats he might leave for them.

My favorite part of Easter a child was always the Easter egg hunt. I could not wait to run around and grab up all the eggs I could find filled with quarters, chocolate, or whatever surprise it might hold. For this reason I was overly excited to head to our aunt and uncle's house this past Saturday for their Easter egg hunt with 60 eggs. No I wasn't going to hunt for the eggs but we got to see our boys Jake-5 and Josh-3 run around with their nephews Tyler and Jordan all on their first Easter egg hunt.

What does this have to do with wildlife? Well its kind of a stretch but comically ironic non the less seeing that I own and operate a wildlife control company. Now remember that there were 60 eggs placed by my uncle Bob, he did not miscount.

After all the eggs had been rounded we noticed that the majority of the 40 or so eggs had been chewed at either end. Oh yeah and did I mention there where only 40 or so? After the adults had looked and we could not find another egg I decided to jump on the rock wall at the edge of the wood line and what I saw was comical. It appeared the squirrels had not only chewed the eggs in the yard but they had taken 15 or so into the woods and behind uncle Bob's shed. The funny part is that they took and chewed all these eggs in less than one hour. The eggs had been put out at 10 a.m. and the hunt started at 11 a.m. Not bad for a days work.

Precision Wildlife offered our services to track down the culprits and hold them to the fullest extent of the law but aunt Joan and uncle Bob declined to press charges and will continue to feed the squirrels, birds, wild turkeys, deer, raccoons, and chipmunks. O.K. she has a lot of bird feeders but we enjoy them.

Moral of the story: Use ceramic eggs for your Easter egg hunts!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Precision Wildlife launches new blog!

Welcome to our wildlife removal blog where we will share comical, weird, crazy, and amazing stories about different aspects of our business.

On a daily basis our offices receive numerous phone calls from people all over New England about a variety of animal problems.

What happens when you combine a huge selection of unpredictable wildlife calls and peoples ever constant fascination of human to animal interaction?.....
We get a lot of questions.....craziest animal?....ever been bit?.....Ever been sprayed by a skunk?....and we here everyone elses wildlife stories!

Well I love the questions and after almost a decade of wildlife removal I still enjoy everyone elses stories. What better of a business to become so easily interactive with kids, adults, customers, non-customers, whoever. Most seem to be so interested in animals and there unpredictability.

This fascination and unpredictability will be what draws you to this wildlife blog. Our technicians and I will be highlighting stories that you might find of interest or amazement, and then again some stories might just be bizarre. Feel free to reply or ask questions about wildlife, animals or anything else you feel might be related to our field. Enjoy!◦


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