Monday, March 17, 2008

Precision Wildlife launches new blog!

Welcome to our wildlife removal blog where we will share comical, weird, crazy, and amazing stories about different aspects of our business.

On a daily basis our offices receive numerous phone calls from people all over New England about a variety of animal problems.

What happens when you combine a huge selection of unpredictable wildlife calls and peoples ever constant fascination of human to animal interaction?.....
We get a lot of questions.....craziest animal?....ever been bit?.....Ever been sprayed by a skunk?....and we here everyone elses wildlife stories!

Well I love the questions and after almost a decade of wildlife removal I still enjoy everyone elses stories. What better of a business to become so easily interactive with kids, adults, customers, non-customers, whoever. Most seem to be so interested in animals and there unpredictability.

This fascination and unpredictability will be what draws you to this wildlife blog. Our technicians and I will be highlighting stories that you might find of interest or amazement, and then again some stories might just be bizarre. Feel free to reply or ask questions about wildlife, animals or anything else you feel might be related to our field. Enjoy!◦

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Love the Blog - keep it up!


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