Monday, January 31, 2011

The Boston Home Show

The Boston Home Show was a great success!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to chat with us!
Before set-up was complete…..
After set-up……Lookin Good!
The DeLorenzo brothers took the long shift...thanks guys!
Steve and Ed

We heard some very interesting stories and met some great people!
boyballoon homeshowboys 
Even the kids had a great time!!
chatting2 homeshowpics steveshow
One of our raffle winners!  Congratulations Marilyn!◦

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where do the bats go in the winter?

Bat Removal in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Rhode Island

Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island are native to mainly two species of bats, the large brown bat and the small brown. Both species colonize in homes throughout New England and are most noticeable during the summer months, when food sources such as mosquitoes and moths are plentiful and the temperatures are appropriate. Most of us understand that bats in New England are around when the sun is shining and the and we can see the grass.

But where do the bats go in the winter? How do they survive with no food?

Large brown bats are known to be seasonal bats meaning they will hibernate inside homes that provide stability in temperature through the winter months. We have found large brown bats under insulation, in wall voids, in living spaces and even in basements during the winter months. These bats need stability in temperature and they find such areas in the balloon framing of homes and other nooks that allow them to huddle up in colonies or crawl under insulation in search of the correct temperature.

Small brown bats are known to be migrating bats that tend to fly hundreds of miles to find stability in caves throughout The Catskills, Berkshire and other mountain ranges in The New England area. Here they huddle in groups for the winter surviving off fat reserves while they await for there flight back to the areas they reside during the summer months. Small browns populations to date have been effected greatly due to the disease called White-Nose Syndrome, it is believed that this disease wipes out approximately 80% of the migrating colony within the 1rst year.

Small browns have also been found in homes throughout Cape Cod during the winter months as it is my theory that these bats if presented with suitable conditions, similar to the cave habitat during the winter, then they will pass the long journey and maintain residence while they await spring. Every situation where small browns have been identified in the winter have been in homes that have cinder block foundations. It is believed that the interior portions of the brick walls are just what the bat needs to maintain it optimal hibernating temperature of 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit.

And no we don't send the bats south for the winter, although I wish they gave this job to us instead of a pest control company")! Thanks to my good friend Mike Saia for sharing this link about BATS AND BASEBALL! Let's go Sox!

Bat removal services in the tough New England winters

Precision Wildlife does and will perform bat removal services throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island during the winter months. For more information on our bat removal and prevention services visit our bat removal page.

Bat Facts

A bats main food source is scarce at best throughout the winter therefor it must rely on fat reserves stored from its last feedings during the fall months. A bats metabolism and heart rate also slow during the winter therefor lessening the need for unavailable food sources. A bats heart rate will drop to 10-20 bpm during hibernation and they can also stop breathing in some situations for up to 48 minutes at a time.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our New Gear Shop

All items can be purchased at our online store
or picked up in our office.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Award winning wildlife removal services.

Prompt, professional and courteous!



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Precision Wildlife is proud to announce

Precision Wildlife is proud to announce Casey DeLorenzo as it's Supervising Manager. Casey has been working in the wildlife industry since 2003 and has been with Precision Wildlife since 2007. His exceptional customer service and enthusiasm are just two qualities that will help Casey become a great manager. His duties will include the management of 7-9 service vehicles throughout New England to ensure Precision continues to bring prompt, professional and efficient wildlife removal and repair services to its customers.

Casey, previous to entering the wildlife industry, worked in management at a local machine shop where he developed the communicative skills that will be needed to provide direction and feedback to his staff. It will also help in the development and pursuit that many of our team members have to succeed within Precision Wildlife. Proud of our previous successes and committed to continued quality performance we look forward to these next steps and the many more to come for Casey and Precision Wildlife Services.

Casey will be appearing at the Precision Wildlife booth at the New England Home Show Saturday January the 29th from 9am-9pm.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soaring heating costs driving you WILD? Let us help you save $$!!

Attic space after clean out
 Precision Wildlife has performed professional attic restorations services for years! If your attic has been contaminated by animal feces and urine soaked insulation we restore the situation. No need to worry about bacteria, disease or even contamination with our crew, we simple remove all contamination with our commercial grade vacuum system. This system runs at the exterior of your home being sure not to circulate unhealthy particles throughout your living space like some shops vacuums will. Other added benefits to this service include less trudging through your home with bags of contaminated insulation or dirty shop vacs and it also provides more thorough removal of all droppings due to the machines powerful suction.

*note some attic clean outs require shop vacs and in these scenarios we use certified HEPA filters.

T.A.P. Attic Insulation 

Even if you've never had contamination in your attic this may be very helpful to you, if you pay for heat that is! Along with professional clean outs we offer professional installation, to round out our Precision attic restoration services. Precision is more than just wildlife removal specalists we are a full service company that can help you save money by properly and professionally insulating your homes attic and crawl spaces with T.A.P.!

Even if you have insulation in your you know what the R-value is? Do you know why R-values are important? ...and why is it that you are hearing this from a wildlife removal company?

T.A.P. stands for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control

TAP is considered green, it is made from recycled paper, energy star approved and provides 32% more efficiency when compared to traditional insulations.

Approximatley 80% of homes built before 1980 do not meet goverment standards and 78% of people have not added any insulation because they believe their home already has enough. Overall, about 60 million homes in the U.S. are under-insulated, costing Americans $8.2 billion each year.*

Blown-in over exsisting insulation
Precision Wildlife Services will have a booth at The New England Home Show  Jan 28th - Jan 30th, this event is taking place at Suffolk Downs in East Boston and would love to see some friends there! We will be providing hands on demonstrations that will show the true value of TAP and its benefits.

If you are intested in discounted tickets to the home show please contact our main office limited tickets available. contact: or 1-508-378-1278
Steve & Julie Abati

Don't throw your money away! Learn how to recieve tax rebate and incentives up to $1,500 with installation.

That all being said there is much more to learn! To learn more about T.A.P. visit or call our insulation specialist today 1-877-797-1278

See you at the home show!



Monday, January 17, 2011

The Boston Home show reminder!

Don’t forget Precision Wildlife Services will be @ The Boston Home Show Friday January 28, until Sunday January 30. You can check online @ www.TheBostonHomeShow.Com for details, hours, directions, vendors and MORE. They will have some great giveaways, lectures and ideas for homeowners!

If you are a fan on our Facebook  page and will be attending we have 2 for 1 passes, we would be glad to get you one, limited supply, first fans to email PrecisionWildlife@Verizon.Net with there mailing address we will get them out to you!

Not a fan? Click here to become a fan on Facebook

Precision Wildlife will be located @ booth number 523 so make sure to check it out, we will be raffling a basket each day of the event…including a spring gutter cleaning a $150 value, Precision Wildlife gear and more. No purchase necessary!  ((  ))



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

Precision Wildlife Services is closed today, Wednesday January 12, due to the weather we are experiencing. It appears our area has lost power as well, there for we ask if you have an issue or are trying to contact us you can do so by emailing we will respond as soon as possible and be returning all calls no later than tomorrow morning.
Thank-you for your understanding. Enjoy your snow day!!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Boston Home Show January, 2011

Precision Wildlife will be participating in it’s first Home Show the end of the month! Stop in check out our booth along with many other great companies!

The Boston Home Show will be held at Suffolk Downs Friday January 28, 2011 - Sunday January 30, 2011.    



Suffolk Downs
111 Waldemar Ave.
East Boston, MA 02128

Check out www.TheBostonHomeShow.Com  for information, hours, directions, vendors, giveaways and more!

Some great  ideas for a home owners, or soon to be a home owners.

Precision Wildlife will have a booth so make sure you stop by! We will be raffling off a gift basket each day of the event, including some Precision Wildlife gear, a gift certificate for a Spring gutter cleaning and more! There will be different lectures and presentations check out the link for the schedule!

Admission: Tickets are $10 for adults $5 for seniors and kids 12 and under are free.  Parking is free!



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