Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Precision Wildlife is proud to announce

Precision Wildlife is proud to announce Casey DeLorenzo as it's Supervising Manager. Casey has been working in the wildlife industry since 2003 and has been with Precision Wildlife since 2007. His exceptional customer service and enthusiasm are just two qualities that will help Casey become a great manager. His duties will include the management of 7-9 service vehicles throughout New England to ensure Precision continues to bring prompt, professional and efficient wildlife removal and repair services to its customers.

Casey, previous to entering the wildlife industry, worked in management at a local machine shop where he developed the communicative skills that will be needed to provide direction and feedback to his staff. It will also help in the development and pursuit that many of our team members have to succeed within Precision Wildlife. Proud of our previous successes and committed to continued quality performance we look forward to these next steps and the many more to come for Casey and Precision Wildlife Services.

Casey will be appearing at the Precision Wildlife booth at the New England Home Show Saturday January the 29th from 9am-9pm.


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