Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Precision Wildlife Newest Family Members

Precision Wildlife’s newest family members


Precision received a call in January for a possible feral cat trapped at a local grocery store on the south shore.

We took the call as we normally would, went to the property same day for an animal removal. After getting the cat back to our office, it seemed that the cat was not feral at all, only seemed to have been on it’s own for quite sometime!

We took it to the local vet to be sure it wasn’t someone’s pet, have it updated on shots and have a check-up to be sure she was ok. Well no home again chip was found…but the news of kittens around the first week of March.


They were right!

March 6, 2012 our kitty had 7 adorable kittens! First one 9:30  Am last one was here by about 2:00.

We have homes for several and several other people hoping for one….We will keep you all posted and look forward to giving all these kittens a loving home!

Temporary names we have come up with, some for obvious reasons…


<     “Princess”  



“Old Man”  >    




<       “Guinea”





“Helmet”      >







<      “Scrawny”




kitty6“ Mustache”      >








<     “Wolf”



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