Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First week in August…

In the land of the WILD!

Precision Wildlife has officially hit a very busy time of year!

We have wildlife technicians covering areas all over New England!  Ranging from Merrimack NH, Wellfleet MA, North Kingstown RI, North Chelmsford MA and everywhere in between.

Technicians are out getting bats out for emergency calls, removing skunks from under sheds, cleaning attic spaces and repairing homes to make sure they don’t have any wildlife issues again!

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The Precision office has been extremely busy with new phone calls, existing customers and questions about wildlife, ranging all over New England. Customers with bats in homes, flying squirrels in attics, raccoons relaxing in chimneys, even a skunk in bathroom…Yes can you imagine? Over 60 and counting, NEW customer calls this week already, and it is only Wednesday!

A few memorable comments…

“Do you know when my bat is going to wake up?’’

‘’ We have a skunk in our bathroom…’’

‘’Theirs a cat in my driveway…I don’t like cats!’’

We hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Don’t forget if you have any wildlife issues, or someone you know has one contact the professionals 877-797-1278



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