Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hanging Around! Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island Cape Cod

What we are looking at here is a bat one-way cone that was installed at an active area located next to a stone chimney. If you look closely, you will see a bat that is roosting on the outside of the cone.
This is a rare sight!
While we know our tactics to keep the bats out of the house are effective. It is not common to see a bat that was not able to get back inside still "hanging around". 
It is not uncommon though for us to find evidence that bats have been roosting.
We receive quite a few calls from existing customers that find bat guano (droppings) on their chimney or on the ground where that bats had used to gain access to the home in the past, prior to the bat exclusion being performed.
Bats are a creature of habit and always return back to where they originated from. For this reason, when treating a structure for a bat problem, it is imperative the entire structure be sealed. If this was not the case the bat you see here would not be "hanging around " on the outside. It would be back inside the voids of the structure continuing to scratch and squeak away, reeking havoc.


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