Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Autumn in New England Precision Wildlife Services

That season is upon us

only 11 days until it is

officially Autumn in New England!

The cool down has started chilly mornings, getting the children off to school, thinking about the holidays. Seems so soon!
So what does that mean for New England?
Well besides the obvious, sweatshirts, leaves falling, frost… of course football, pumpkin carving and cider! There comes some unwanted guests. No, we are not talking about those in-laws visiting for the holidays either! 
June 2009 059
Wildlife is now looking for a warm place to spend the winter. Unfortunately for home owners throughout New England this may very well mean your home! Attics, under structures, basements, walls, are all very common areas. It makes a great place for wildlife to get in, make their beds and rest for the winter months. While this may be working nicely for them…this can cause damage to your home, insulation and be an unhealthy environment for your family!
So if you thought you heard scratching, squeaking or that area on your roof is looking like a friendly opening for unwanted guests?
Call Precision Wildlife today to schedule your inspection! Our experienced and trained staff would be more that happy to inspect your home, attic and roofline. We will provide you with a solution and be sure all your questions are answered thoroughly.
Sometimes the longer problems exist the bigger they become.
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We are so confident in our work you will have a warranty to protect you and your home for any work we do!
Visit our website to learn more about the services we offer, from wildlife eviction, prevention, to home repairs, insulation, attic restoration and more!
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