Thursday, April 12, 2012

Albino skunk removal in Nahant, Ma

Skunk Removal in New England
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What do skunks look like?

The question should be, "What do they smell like?" and I'm sure that most already know. But if you have not had that experience you should feel blessed that you haven't. A defense mechanism for a skunk, its odor, is just as distinctive as it black and white appearance. Skunks are similar in size to the common house cat normally weighing 6 to 10 pounds. They have pointed snouts and small, triangular heads with a white stripe on their nose and forehead. Normally their coat is black with a white stripe running down the middle of their back and splits into two stripes down a skunks tail. On occasion skunks can be predominately white called albino skunks. A skunks tail is wide and bushy and can be completely black or vary in the amount of white stripes that run down the tail. Skunks have short legs which causes their noticeable waddle and categorizes them as poor climbers. Although skunks have short legs they have rather strong forefeet and long nails making them excellent diggers.

Live skunk capture

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