Saturday, May 21, 2011

Precision Wildlife is the Official Service Provider for The Brockton Rox

 Commercial Pigeon & Bird Removal Services

They say it's good luck if a bird poops on you! Well I'm wondering how one owner of Marciano Stadium's luck has been since his direct hit last season, and I'm not talking about a foul ball.

As a result of this bird dropping its dropping precisely on a key decision maker of "The Great Bird Solution" many have seen some luck go their way. Owners of this stadium no longer have to worry about being pelted by the birds that have decided the stadium is as good as theirs. All the patrons who attend will also feel so lucky that they to will not be targeted by the angry birds of Brockton, unless the birds retaliate due to the netting that keeps them from where they once called home.

Precision Wildlife has been able to showcase its professional bird netting services and show why it is a leader in commercial bird netting, control & management.

Sometimes luck has nothing to do with it but when lucks not on your side a little hard work attention to detail will do. Facilities manager and owners of the stadium have decided to move forward on a long-term solution to their bird problem and not just settle for time consuming and ineffective control measures. Precision Wildlife has the solution which includes; stainless steel hardware properley attached to the stadiums stucture to ensure the solution will that for many years to come as well as bird netting that carries a 10-year manufactures UV warranty.

So next time your attend a game at Marciano Stadium with any luck you'll remember to look up to see our work and be thankful that we may have prevented a bird from pooping on YOU! GO ROX!

Commercial bird work, removal, control, management, bird netting, shock track, grid wires, bird spike, grid wire and more all serviced in : Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. 


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