Sunday, May 15, 2011

Angry Birds? Commercial Removal MA RI NH

Don't Be an Angry Bird - Call Precision Wildlife Services!
Precision Wildlife provides permanent long lasting solutions for any type of nuisance bird problem. Our exclusion and deterrent methods are all backed with a written warranty ranging from 2-5 years.

Our solutions our generally targeted to deter pigeons, sparrows, grackles, and starlings. These nuisance birds can cause very serious health hazards by roosting and constantly perching near large populations of people. They are also responsible for the defacing of rooftops, sidewalls, floors, facades, and also costly equipment.

Health Hazard

There are over 60 diseases associated with birds and their dropping. Buildings contaminated with bird nesting and droppings are putting its occupants at great risk and therefore cleanups should be handled by trained professionals. We offer full service decontamination services for all bird contaminated situations and normally perform these services before any preventative or exclusionary work is done. Give Us a call 877-945-3776.

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