Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2008 New Hampshire Business Expo

The 2008 business to business expo held in Laconia, NH was certainly a highlight for Precision Wildlife in 2008. We had a great opportunity to get our name out there and we took full advantage of that with trap setting demonstrations, small video presentations, and raffling off of everything from bat houses to skunk teddy bears.

Wildlife in general seems to draw a lot of curiosity and it didn't differ at this expo, we spoke with many different people and most have had some kind of run in with little critters or some flying mammals otherwise known as the Bat....

I truly enjoyed listening to all the different wildlife stories people had to tell and more importantly was very excited about educating people, to the best of my ability, on wildlife and its proper management and removal in necessary. I was pleasantly surprised to see how peoples views on bats and their importance to our Eco system have changed over the 10 years that I have been around this industry.

Steve and Julie did a great job with our booth presentation as it seemed to draw many curious people, or maybe it was the conibear 330 or the coyote footholds that got their attention. I was very apprehensive about displaying these traps at first and even worse I was a nervous wreck about Steve demonstrating them. O.K. I wasn't that nervous about Steve demonstrating them but he seems to be the poster boy for Aflack accidental insurance. Trap demonstration went well and Steve had all his fings in good working condition even though he did get a thumb caught in the foothold when noone was looking.

Precision Wildlife is looking forward to more expos in 2009' and plenty of continued critter chasin' all around the Lakes Region and the rest of New Hampshire and Maine this year.
Check out the video of Steve and his foothold demonstration, sorry but I didn't have the camera on when he got his thumb stuck, maybe next time!


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