Monday, May 26, 2008

33 lb.raccoon brings me back to the good old days. Middle School!

Raccoon season is a great time of year for me, I always enjoy the challenge of removing the juvenile raccoons from chimneys, attics, and wall voids. Raccoon calls always seem to send us away with a funny or amazing story that we, as wildlife professionals, can brag about.

Last week I got a call about a raccoon in the East Bridgewater Middle School dumpster. I was overly excited to respond asap on this one, not only because it is a great feeling to get a full grown raccoon on the end of a noose but also because this is the school I attended as a child. It was your average coon removal call but in my home town and the timing could not have worked out any better. I was on Central Street in E.B. when I got the call headed to a bat job in Pembroke, I simply turned into the parking lot 7 minutes after the call. As I approached the dumpster I noticed this raccoon was huge and needed to be extra cautious but move quickly. The maintenance guys informed me that the kids would be coming out the back door very soon and all I could picture was a 33lb. raccoon running amongst the kids leaving school. Needless to say everything went perfectly and only a few of the bus drivers got to see the show. Check out the bend in the noose as I pulled him out of the dumpster on the video below.

That story by far is not the craziest raccoon story I have but check back in a couple weeks I have a good one about Steve, a Precision Wildlife tech, chasing a mother raccoon through a tree! Oh and he got her.

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