Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm relief available for Sandy!

1-877-WILD-PRO for assistance

Precision Wildlife offers 24-hour services for wildlife and your homes. Sandy is projected to bring high winds and heavy rains throughout the entire region. We do hope that everyone stays safe and that you have taken the necassary precautions for your families, homes and businesses.

Should the unfortunate circumstances of Sandy leave you in need of help ....

call Precision Wildlife Services at 1-877-945-3776

Wildlife loose in your house?
....stuck in your chimney even?
Downed trees and limbs?
Flooded basement?
Leaking roof?
Clogged gutters?
Damaged windows?

We are available 24/7 and we can help resolve your wildlife or storm related needs...!

Be storm ready and stay safe!

Precision Wildlife Services
toll free..1-877-945-3776

Licensed & Insured
Residential & Commercial 


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