Friday, July 1, 2011

Wellesley, Massachusetts Raccoon Removal

Casey responds to a call in Wellesley, Massachusetts and is amazed by what conspires.
The family had been away for a vacation and had just gotten back home.  When they walked in, they couldn't believe their eyes!  They were so upset that they immediately called the police department, thinking someone had broken in.  The police came to investigate and found the house pretty much trashed!  Cabinets open, boxes of food open and half eaten, things knocked all over the floor and broken.  It looked like someone had ransacked the place! 
After further investigation, the police find animal droppings and then investigate the chimney and they see a tail hanging down and immediately know who the "criminals" were!
Momma Raccoon and her pups had moved in!  They give them our number, Precision Wildlife Services to the rescue!  By the time Casey gets to the home, the animal droppings are cleaned up, and he does his own investigation and hears the pups, (baby raccoons), in the chimney but Mom is nowhere to be found.  Casey, gets his ladder out and climbs onto the slippery slate roof.  Not only is this a big Colonial style house but it's 10-11:00 at night and it's raining!   While on the roof flashing the light around he finally sees her near the chimney.
Casey decides to come down to seewhat the mother will do and when he reaches the ground, he sees and hears a pup in the grass.  He has heard the stories of the mother raccoon moving her pups to saftey if she feels threatened, but he has never actually witnessed it until this night!  Casey sat in his truck and watched as the mother raccoon climbed the gutter to the flat roof and then to the slate roof to the chimney and took each pup down to the ground and into a bush to hide them until she had gotten all of them out. 

It was raining and dark or Casey could have taken some great video and pictures, but to hear him tell the story, you know it was a very amazing site to see this mother keep her pups from harm.
Casey went back to the home in the day light to further check and make sure the Raccoon family had vacated the premises and to also take a few pictures of the muddy raccoon prints he saw. 
Remember, if you think the noises you hear at night in your attic or on the roof are unwanted wildlife visitors, Call the professionals to check it out.  We deal with wildlife of all types everyday and we know their habits and we know how to remove and prevent them from coming back!
Mother with a pup


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