Monday, November 8, 2010

A Squirrel's Brain is about the size of a Walnut! Is yours?

HAPPY MONDAY! the 8th of November...2010'

We say it all the time "think like a squirrel!" We are wildlife specialists and although its not worded as such in our job descriptions its actually a job qualification and we do it on a daily basis! Looking at every situation like the suspect (in this scenario it's squirrels) helps us be better equipped to ensure we catch em' and keep em' out!

From day 1 of our inspection we want to hear and find all the facts all the evidence; the noises, travel routes, damages made, droppings left, access points and even rub marks and hairs left behind by our squirrelly invaders! Once we get all the facts and findings we can then process that information and think like we too have walnut sized brains!

Are the noises you hear at night, early morning, late afternoon; is it summer, spring, fall or winter?
Three main types of squirrels we deal with in New England are the Grays, Reds and Flyer's all of which are active at different times of the day or night. Knowing when helps us determine our approach, understanding the animals and what time of year they are active makes us the specialists that can provide prompt, professional removal & prevention at a reasonable cost for you!

WHERE? Are the noises at your roof, in your basement, in your fireplace; Where do you live Me, Ma, NH, RI?
Some squirrels like the roof some like the basement you just never can tell, until of course we've gathered our evidence during our wildlife inspection. Taking into consideration the area on your home is just as important as your region. We have been servicing these areas for years and understand habitat as well as migration patterns, we also live in all the areas we serve...there is just no way these squirrels can hide from us!

Squirrels leave us evidence....chewed acorns, chewed entry, poops of all sizes, nesting made to fit them and even hair left from constant travel through tight spaces! What ever it is your squirrels want to leave we are trained to find it to help quickly evaluate what type of squirrels you may have and determine what prompt solution we can provide...    Did you know that some squirrels just chew the tops of an acorn to eat it, some poke holes around the outer shell to get its tasty insides and others will pulverize the acorn and leave remnants of its shell right there on the attic floor....yummy!!

Our squirrel removal services our targeted to be prompt, on point, humane and always professional and although we ask ourselves to think like we have walnut sized brains we are also expected to put it all together in a way to make your experience with us incredible, amazing and something to talk about! It starts with the animals but continues with people helping people protect their homes from invaders of all types and sizes.. 

“It is hard to be brave, when you're only a Very Small Animal."


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